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Global tea ceremony

Global Tea Ceremony is a new tea ceremony style in the global era

Not only to learn the behavior of the royal tea ceremony,

Spend a rich lifestyle of 3 6 5 days in the tea ceremony,

Using tea as a communication tool, children and adults can cross countries and national borders.

We provide events and communities that connect people around the world to Japanese culture.

In the global tea ceremony, Rikyu's philosophy is to have a sense of unity with nature and the universe, and a way of mind that leads to oneness.

Focus on Zen ZEN Mindfulness.

This Zen ZEN mindset and deep knowledge and understanding of the culture of your own country are not limited to those who are interested in culture.

It can be said that it is an indispensable culture required for all who live in the age of diversity from.

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About Global Tea Ceremony

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Japanese Culture Concierge for Overseas


Tea time

In everyday life

In the process of making tea

Through innocence and concentration

Face yourself here now,

Time to thank everything.

That is "tea time".

"Tea time" in your daily life

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