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Global tea ceremony


 ――――  Oneness  ―――― 

Nature, plants, animals, humans, air, all things

Aiming for a world of equal joy and harmony

Global tea ceremony


All Shinra shines,

Helping us to move in the right direction


Creating a world that respects diversity


Tea time

In everyday life

In the process of making tea

Through innocence and concentration

Face yourself here now,

Time to thank everything.

That is "tea time".

"Tea time" in your daily life

Global tea ceremony




Through events and monthly school, we will come into contact with the tea ceremony and Japanese culture related to the tea ceremony, and practice to prepare the "ideal".

Image by Alice Pasqual


In Japan, we support the development of PR overseas for individuals, corporations, and organizations that have inherited or practiced culture.



Living abroad, it's quite difficultWe provide concierge services such as information on Japanese culture and individual purchase support for those who are not exposed to "real Japanese culture".

With the tea ceremony as the entrance, deepen your awareness and gratitude for the universe.

Global tea ceremony is to explore "the way and Zen".

for that reason,

"Learning" handled in the global tea ceremony

A variety of communication tools surrounding the tea ceremony

A communication tool that allows you to explore "the way" like the tea ceremony

○ Yoga

○ Meditation

○ Mindfulness

Tea ceremony as a comprehensive art

○ Kimono

○ Beauty consciousness

○ History

How it should be


○ Cultural comparison

○ Flower arrangement

○ Behavior

○ Traditional crafts

○ Western style / behavior

○ Vessel

○ Cultures of countries other than Japan

○ Food culture

Beyond culture, borders and backgrounds

Communication between people

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